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Rajkot is well known as an Investment Casting Manufacturing Hub. Since inception of the first unit of Investment casting manufacturing in 1988, New industries have been developing in Rajkot at more than 20% rate.

Beside the higher growth and stiff competition of the Industry, many industries were facing common problems. Hence seniors & juniors of Industries joined hands and formed an AOP named “INDIAN INVESTMENT CASTING MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION” (IICMA) and signed Memorandum of Association on 4th June 2020.

The Association is a non–profitable organization, consisting of three committees named Management committee , Executive committee and Advisory Committee, Management Committee comprising the PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, JOINT SECRETARY, TREASURER AND JOINT TREASURER. At present IICMA activity will be limited to Rajkot District and later it will be expanded to India level.

our vision

Our vision is to create a common platform for the investment casting manufacturers to build healthy and friendly environment to resolve common business operational problem and representation of common problems of the industries with Government and Government bodies and organization. To achieve positive growth in future domestic and international business and to enhance technical capabilities with healthy competition and make them capable to contribute in the social and economical development of ATAMANIRBHAR BHARAT.

Our mission

Our Mission is to awaken the potential of Indian Investment castings Manufacturers by creating streams of Opportunities for them and tap in the under-utilized potential by providing them:

  • Provide Technical and Management skill through symposiums, seminars, discussions and conferences.
  • Generate awareness of domestic and international market by providing exhibitions information and other related materials.
  • Provide detailed information of Legal, tax and Government benefits.
  • Provide awareness of Health and safety and its importance in development of business.
  • Develop non profitable material testing facilities and other related facilities important as technical support to industries.
  • Improvement of people, businesses, and society
  • Develop skill development centre to provide skilled and semi skilled work force.
  • Provide contact details and addresses of suppliers of Equipments, Materials and consumables.
  • Provide social, legal, spiritual moral and emotional support and services to manufacturers to operate business with peace harmony and mutuality.
  • To achieve co ordination and co operation between government and particularly in the field of conflicts arising out of any law as well as cultural and racial diversity.
  • To assist public and private organization devoted to social cause and further to assist in implementing the programs which shall be useful to different social stream in India.
  • To maintain greenery, plantation, free plants distributions to industries and villages and made them aware to maintain.
  • To arrange get together and organize programs of the members industries for their social and health improvement.

Our Values

  • Collaboration between diverse group
  • Drive Innovation
  • Employee Development
  • Leadership
  • Fair environment in Business Society
  • Improvement of people, businesses, and society
  • Business Growth
  • Increase in government revenue and foreign exchange
  • High End Investment Cast Components

iicma objectives

  • To resolve the prevailing problems of Industries.

  • Upgrade the manufacturing technology and vision of members.

  • To boost up the Business volume of Export and Domestic.

  • To make India ATAMANIRBHAR by providing import substitutes.

  • To increase revenue of state and central government.

  • To earn more Foreign exchange by increasing Export.

  • Reduce Foreign exchange requirements by providing import substitutes.

  • Generate Employments for young India.

  • To Inspire and support new start ups.

  • To support new micro entrepreneurs.

  • To establish foundry cluster in Rajkot with common testing facility and training

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